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Our Goal is to Help Poor People

Good Morning Buchanan is a non-profit organization founded by Youjay Sunnyway in 2017. Youjay felt that it was an assignment given to her by God to help people, especially the elderly widows, and orphans in the Buchanan area. Right now, Good Morning Buchanan has a small staff and group of at least 200 widows and kids. We had a small building that was being rented to us but that was taken away because we didn’t have the financial support to maintain it. One of our ultimate goals is to have a building of our own but that will be done in time. This organization’s primary objective at this time is to help those people with things that they need in everyday life.


We are Lead charity foundation

We want to provide the best education, clean water, good health, and food


Delivering love, help and hope

our organization’s mission, where we provide essential resources, support, and care to those facing difficult times.

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Charity activities are taking place around the world

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We Need Your Help

Our organization's main mission is to provide access to the basic necessities of life, including education, clean water, good health, and food to those in need.

We prioritize our projects based on the needs of the communities we serve. We conduct thorough assessments to identify the most pressing needs and then develop programs and initiatives that can make a meaningful impact.

We welcome volunteers, donors, and supporters who share our vision and want to make a positive impact in the world. You can get involved by donating, volunteering your time and skills, or spreading awareness about our work.

We prioritize sustainability in all our programs and initiatives. We work closely with communities to ensure that they are involved in the development and implementation of our projects, and we aim to create solutions that are community-driven and long-lasting.

We measure our impact through a range of metrics, including the number of people served, the improvements in health and well-being, the increase in educational opportunities, and the sustainability of our programs. We conduct regular evaluations to ensure that our work is making a meaningful difference and adjust our strategies as needed.

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